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Our GPU-powered transcription engine converts audio and video to text in seconds.

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Each file can be up to 10 hours long / 5 GB. Upload 50 files at a time.

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Upload files in all common formats, including MP3, MP4, M4A, MOV, AAC, WAV, OGG, OPUS, MPEG, WMA, YouTube, and more.

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Export as DOCX, PDF, TXT, captions, and subtitles (SRT, VTT).
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How AI Transcription Tools Like TurboScribe Are Changing the Game for Transcriptionists

When we think about AI in the context of transcription, it’s easy to get lost in the buzzwords and tech jargon. But at its heart, the story of AI transcription tools like TurboScribe is surprisingly human.

Transcription has always been a meticulous art form, requiring an ear for detail and a hand for accuracy. From the early days of manual typewriters to the digital recorders and software of the late 20th century, the journey of transcription has mirrored the evolution of technology itself. But the advent of AI has accelerated this evolution, propelling the industry into a new era.

AI: A Catalyst for Change, Not a Replacement

The integration of AI into transcription is not about replacing human transcriptionists but augmenting their capabilities. AI brings an unprecedented level of efficiency to the transcription process, handling large volumes of audio and video content at speeds unattainable by humans. However, the essence of transcription — understanding context, emotion, and cultural nuances — remains a uniquely human skill. Thus, AI and human transcriptionists form a symbiotic relationship, with AI managing the heavy lifting of initial transcription and humans refining the output to ensure accuracy and context.

The fusion of AI with transcription presents both challenges and opportunities for transcriptionists. On the one hand, there's a need for continuous learning and adaptation to new tools and workflows. On the other hand, AI opens doors to new realms within the profession. Transcriptionists can now handle more complex tasks, engage in in-depth content analysis, and even assume roles that go beyond traditional transcription, such as editing and content strategy.

The Bigger Picture: AI's Role in Empowering Transcriptionists

As AI continues to reshape the transcription landscape, its role transcends mere technological functionality. It's about empowering transcriptionists with tools that allow them to work smarter, not harder. AI in transcription is paving the way for a more nuanced understanding of language, a deeper appreciation of cultural contexts, and a renewed focus on the quality of the written word.

Preparing for the Future: The Evolving Skill Set of Transcriptionists

In light of these developments, transcriptionists must equip themselves with a new set of skills. Beyond traditional typing and listening abilities, there's a growing need for proficiency in AI tools, data security awareness, and an understanding of machine learning basics. This skill set enables transcriptionists to utilize AI effectively.

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One of the best ways to understand AI and its capabilities is to try it for free. Immerse yourself in AI-driven transcription and unlock a new realm of efficiency and precision. TurboScribe's extreme accuracy, support for 98+ languages, and speaker recognition feature make it a comprehensive AI transcription solution. Begin your journey now and see how AI can transform your transcription tasks.

Powered by Whisper


#1 in Speech to Text Accuracy

TurboScribe is powered by Whisper, the most accurate and powerful AI speech to text transcription technology in the world.

98+ Languages

TurboScribe supports the spoken languages of the world.

Built-In Translation

Translate transcripts or subtitles to 134+ languages. Transcribe speech in any language directly to English.

Speaker Recognition

Great for meetings, interviews, and podcasts.

Private & Secure

Your data is private and only you have access. Files and transcripts are always stored encrypted.
"I am very impressed with the speed and accuracy. Great product and love using it."


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Transcribe 3 files for free every day.
30 Minute Uploads
Each file can be up to 30 minutes long. Upload 1 file at a time.
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Wait longer before your files are transcribed.

TurboScribe Unlimited

$10 / month

$120 billed yearly
Save 50%
Unlimited Transcriptions
Unlimited transcriptions for one person.
10 Hour Uploads
Each file can be up to 10 hours long / 5 GB. Upload 50 files at a time.
All Features
Translation to 134+ languages. Bulk exports. All transcription modes. Unlimited storage.
Highest Priority
We'll always transcribe your files ASAP with the highest priority.


I rarely leave testimonials, but this app 100% deserved one in my books. TurboScribe has been such a game-changer for me. I used to pick and choose what to transcribe due to time it took to upload BUT mostly due to cost. I'm transcribing all sorts of business interactions—meetings, calls, videos, you name it.

Since switching to TurboScribe - I transcribe everything without thinking. Large numbers of small files or several HUGE files it handles it. It saved me money, enabled me to offer more services and a TON of time. My once a year review is done, but I feel Turboscribe deserves is hands down.

Gerardo Poli Photo
Gerardo Poli

I formerly had students transcribe audios (8 hrs. work for 1 hr. audio). Your program is literally saving me thousands of hours. The accuracy is actually better than when I had human help doing it. Yours is an incredibly useful piece of software.

Dr. Ted Hildebrandt, Gordon College
USUnited States

We're using to transcribe medical reports with rare terms. Very impressed by the speed and quality.


I used this for one of my university assessments today and it's absolutely killer. Hope your business grows because it's excellent. We even had three different accents in our group and your service straight up nailed it.

damon-oneil11 Photo

Yesterday I stumbled upon ingenious tool: https://turboscribe.ai

Subtitles for videos in over 130 languages in super quality. So all my future videos will have at least English subtitles. And also some older videos.

For example, my #ChatGPT course is getting an upgrade where I'm adding English subtitles to all videos.

Wolfgang Wagner Photo
Wolfgang Wagner

I've been searching for what seems like centuries, for a piece of transcription software that delivers with accuracy! TurboScribe IS THAT SOFTWARE.

Not only does it transcribe with amazing accuracy, it also filters out a ton of the unnecessary noise associated with pauses in audio. On top of that, it performs to perfection with the built in ChatGPT prompts (this was another area I was previously struggling with).

I used to farm out transcripts to be completed manually since I was unable to find an AI solution that met my needs. Less than 1 month into my subscription and I've done away with farming out transcriptions completely; it's much more cost effective and efficient to do them in house with TurboScribe. Keep up the great work!

USUnited States

Easily the best AI transcription service I've used. Intuitive, quick, and super helpful features for anyone with a high volume workload.

Eric Robinson Photo
Eric Robinson
USUnited States
"Scarily good. I transcribed hundreds of audio and video files in only a few minutes."
"...wow, completely different game and great results. This is a solution I was waiting for"

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Unlimited Transcriptions
Unlimited transcriptions for one person.
99.8% Accuracy
Powered by Whisper, the most accurate and powerful AI speech to text transcription technology in the world.
98+ Languages
TurboScribe supports the spoken languages of the world.
10 Hour Uploads
Each file can be up to 10 hours long / 5 GB. Upload 50 files at a time.
Speaker Recognition
Great for meetings, interviews, and podcasts.