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We're using to transcribe medical reports with rare terms. Very impressed by the speed and quality.


I used this for one of my university assessments today and it's absolutely killer. Hope your business grows because it's excellent. We even had three different accents in our group and your service straight up nailed it.

damon-oneil11 Photo

I formerly had students transcribe audios (8 hrs. work for 1 hr. audio). Your program is literally saving me thousands of hours. The accuracy is actually better than when I had human help doing it. Yours is an incredibly useful piece of software.

Dr. Ted Hildebrandt, Gordon College
USUnited States

Easily the best AI transcription service I've used. Intuitive, quick, and super helpful features for anyone with a high volume workload.

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Eric Robinson
USUnited States

Yesterday I stumbled upon ingenious tool: https://turboscribe.ai

Subtitles for videos in over 130 languages in super quality. So all my future videos will have at least English subtitles. And also some older videos.

For example, my #ChatGPT course is getting an upgrade where I'm adding English subtitles to all videos.

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Wolfgang Wagner

I've been searching for what seems like centuries, for a piece of transcription software that delivers with accuracy! TurboScribe IS THAT SOFTWARE.

Not only does it transcribe with amazing accuracy, it also filters out a ton of the unnecessary noise associated with pauses in audio. On top of that, it performs to perfection with the built in ChatGPT prompts (this was another area I was previously struggling with).

I used to farm out transcripts to be completed manually since I was unable to find an AI solution that met my needs. Less than 1 month into my subscription and I've done away with farming out transcriptions completely; it's much more cost effective and efficient to do them in house with TurboScribe. Keep up the great work!

USUnited States

I rarely leave testimonials, but this app 100% deserved one in my books. TurboScribe has been such a game-changer for me. I used to pick and choose what to transcribe due to time it took to upload BUT mostly due to cost. I'm transcribing all sorts of business interactions—meetings, calls, videos, you name it.

Since switching to TurboScribe - I transcribe everything without thinking. Large numbers of small files or several HUGE files it handles it. It saved me money, enabled me to offer more services and a TON of time. My once a year review is done, but I feel Turboscribe deserves is hands down.

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Gerardo Poli

It's extremely accurate, easy to use... Basically, all you have to do is just drag and drop. It really couldn't be any easier or faster.

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Kevin Stratvert

After some days of research i can tell your website is the best by far, got the sub, thanks.

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...its f****** amazing. I will recommend it to people who might need it! Cheers and thanks for great work!

I wanted to take a moment to express our immense satisfaction with Turboscribe, having used it for some time now. In our office we think of it like a tireless team member who performs remarkable transcription feats.

Thank you so much!


I've been searching for a while for an app like this, and I'm so pleased I found TurboScribe! I opted for the Whale mode because I needed high accuracy, and it really delivered!

I'm thoroughly impressed - isn't AI incredible? Thank you for developing such a fantastic AI tool.

USUnited States

this was such a nice surprise to find turboscribe.

It works amazingly well, AND the bonus of the chatgpt prompts were icing on the cake.

I already got chatgpt to give me BETTER results than I had previously thanks to your help!

USUnited States

TURBO SCRIBE TRANSCRIPTION IS THE BEST! it's better than any program I've seen out there.

USUnited States

This service is genuinely impressive. It's very user-friendly, especially the drag-and-drop feature. The overall performance (speed, accuracy) was unexpectedly good. It's rare to find services that offer such quality and ease of use.

I'm transcribing interviews for my dissertation, which is many hours of recordings. It's a relief that I don't have to pay per minute or worry about file duration limits, especially since I'm be dealing with a lengthy files.


I have used a couple of these transcriptor softwares and honestly TurboScribe is way more accurate... I really recommend using TurboScribe.

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How To Stuff

I don’t know how I lived without this tool.


I am using it to transcribe recorded finance and accounting lectures (recorded using Audacity, exporting the audio file with WAV format and 64 bit, and using the stereo mix option as the input, then upload that recorded audio file directly into TurboScribe), and it's a lot better than anything I've used in the past.

The files require almost no editing at all (maybe very few commas, periods, upper and lower case letters, if any at all). So, I would say that for me the accuracy is 99.99% (better than advertised), absolutely incredible! Seriously, it's so accurate that it's scary, lol.


I just wanted to let you know that I signed up for your service, and it is amazing.

I signed up for your service. I paid my fee, and I just transcribed one of my regression audios, and it came out fantastic. Some of these audios are three or more hours, and doing the transcript by hand was so tedious, I was losing my mind.

I was able to send it to my client with very little editing. You have saved me hours of work, and my clients will be thrilled.

I just want to tell you what a great, affordable service this is for my small business.

USUnited States

Every so often a tool comes along that you start using and you're like "Wow, that is really impressive"... immediately I started working with this technology I realised what a huge help it's going to be to my own language learning.

TurboScribe is really great! Before turboscribe.ai, I had also used a couple of suggestions from others but to no avail. Turboscribe is the solution for me in completing my work.

The features is also great, the fact that you could translate your transcription right away without any extra cost was a real helper and I appreciate it a lot! In terms of accuracy, I could affirm that it is indeed 98%+ accurate. You have yourself a recurring customer :D. 10/10

Thank you very much for the app and making it easy to access!


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