Tips for Transcribing (Extremely) Large Volumes

November 15, 2023
Leif Foged
Leif Foged

NOTE: If you transcribe 24 hours or less of audio or video per day (or 720 hours per month) this doesn't apply to you and you're free to stop reading. This guide only applies to the top 0.1% of paying customers who have extremely large workloads. 😊

TurboScribe welcomes customers with higher volume needs. We don't have caps on overall usage and our systems are designed to enable you to transcribe at least 720 hours of audio or video per month. That means you can use TurboScribe to transcribe your entire life (24 hours per day x 30 days per month = 720 hours, or 43,200 minutes)! As one customer said, "I transcribe everything without thinking."

Realtime Mode

By default, we'll always begin transcribing your files right away.

The vast majority of customers use TurboScribe interactively and require fast turnaround as part of their daily workflow. If you're transcribing up to 24 hours per day (on average), we'll process your files in realtime.

99.9% of paid users get their files transcribed in realtime.

High Volume Mode

If you're regularly transcribing more than 24 hours per day — or 720 hours per month — we assume you primarily care about transcribing as much as possible (rather than getting your transcripts as fast as possible).

This is called High Volume Mode and the goal is to maximize the amount you can transcribe over the course of a month (some customers are routinely able to transcribe 1,000+ hours per month!).

When your account is in High Volume Mode:

  • We'll typically transcribe 1 file at a time (instead of multiple files at a time).
  • We'll prioritize transcribing as much as possible (rather than turnaround time).
  • You might get a message saying "Try again later" when attempting to uploading files. This means we aren't ready to transcribe your next batch of files yet. Not to worry, we'll be able to accept more files soon!

Tips For Transcribing Higher Volumes

Some tips for transcribing higher volumes:

  • Files are (more or less) transcribed in the order they're uploaded. So if you have important files you'd like to be transcribed ASAP, make sure you upload them first.
  • We recommend using folders to organize your files. You can batch export an entire folder (up to 1,000 files) at a time.
  • The best way to transcribe large volumes is to swing by once or twice a week and upload files until you get a "Try again later" message. Then come by again in a few days and upload more. If you follow this strategy, you'll typically be able to upload > 100 hours of audio/video each time and transcribe as much as possible every month.

Happy transcribing! 😊


If you need large, one-off bulk transcription jobs (1,000-10,000+ hour jobs) completed ASAP (in hours/days), you can learn more about our Bulk Transcription Service. In practice, most users (including very high volume users) are best served by TurboScribe Unlimited.


A Brief Note on Fraud & Abuse

TurboScribe is designed to be an extremely generous product. We aim to give (much) more than we ask. We embrace and love power users! And we support volumes that no other transcription service does.

On rare occassion, we've experienced folks who take advantage of that generosity and (unsuccessfully) attempt to fraudulently abuse the service. For example, by attempting to upload the same 10 hour file hundreds of times or sharing the same account among multiple people. We never terminate service due to high usage (even very high usage), but we do terminate service for fraudulent usage. This is very rare these days (in part, thanks to this warning), but it happens. It's best not to try. 😉

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