Transcribe and Import Audio & Video Files into ChatGPT

September 12, 2023
Leif Foged
Leif Foged

NEW (May 2024): All ChatGPT users can now use the TurboScribe GPT to chat with your audio and video files! Start transcribing for free or learn more.

While ChatGPT can't transcribe audio, TurboScribe's ChatGPT import tool enables you to transcribe your audio and video files and then import them into ChatGPT. You can create summaries, outlines, blog posts, essays, social media content, and more — directly from your audio and video files.

You can try it for free by uploading an audio or video file.

How It Works

TurboScribe is an AI transcription tool that transcribes audio and video files into text (powered by Whisper). These transcripts can then be easily imported into ChatGPT with a couple clicks.

After uploading and transcribing an audio or video file in TurboScribe, click the "ChatGPT" button on the transcript page. This will open a dialog, allowing you to choose a type of content you'd like to create. After choosing a type of content, you'll be able to quickly copy the prompt, open ChatGPT, and paste the prompt to begin. You can then continue iterating within ChatGPT until you get exactly what you want!

Supported Prompts

TurboScribe currently supports writing ChatGPT prompts for:

  • Short Summaries: Create a brief, succinct summary of the entire transcript.
  • Detailed Summaries: Write detailed, comprehensive summaries, with timestamped topics and sections.
  • Detailed Outlines: Produce structured, timestamped outlines.
  • Blog Posts: Writes a blog post or essay based on a transcript.
  • Social Media Posts: Creates social media posts based on the transcript (in a variety of styles and formats).
  • Discussion Questions: Uses the transcript to write a variety of discussion questions (great for teachers and study groups).

Want to create something else? The best way is often to start with one of these prompts and then, once you're in a ChatGPT conversation, provide follow-up commands, feedback, and additional instructions to create exactly what you want.

Enhancements for Long Transcripts

Some transcripts are long and don't fit within ChatGPT's character limit (its "context length"). If you've ever tried working with long-form content in ChatGPT, you know how frustrating this can be.

(Longer context windows in AI models aren't here yet, but they're coming!)

If a transcript is too long to fit, TurboScribe will automatically split up the prompt into multiple, smaller parts and allow you to quickly copy-paste each part one-by-one into the same ChatGPT session. The built-in prompts are designed to progressively create longer outputs piece-by-piece.

Try it out!

TurboScribe's ChatGPT import tool is free! Get started here.

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