Whale, What Do We Have Here? Free Tier Just Got Bigger!

September 6, 2023
Leif Foged
Leif Foged

I'm happy to announce that TurboScribe's free tier is expanding!

Starting today, TurboScribe’s free tier now includes Whale mode, powered by Whisper large-v2. Previously, usage of Whale was limited to TurboScribe Unlimited members. This new expansion of the free tier means you can now try it out for free.

Whale is our highest accuracy mode. Powered by the gigantic 1.55 billion parameter Whisper "large-v2" model, you're getting the most powerful and accurate open transcription technology in the world. Because Whale is tuned for maximum accuracy, it runs a bit slower than the other two modes (it's still quite fast — expect to transcribe 1 hour of audio or video in less than 10 minutes).

That means you can now enjoy up to 3 free transcriptions every day (up to 30 minutes each) across all three modes: 🐆 Cheetah (fastest), 🐬 Dolphin (balanced), and 🐳 Whale (maximum accuracy).

Learn more about TurboScribe's transcription modes.

Getting Started With Whale

To get started, choose 🐳 Whale from the list of modes when uploading an audio or video file:

TurboScribe mode selection - Whale

If you haven't tried out 🐳 Whale mode yet, get started for free and give it a spin!

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